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Why choose us?

Our AC & DC Drive and VFD repair services strive to go beyond just fixing the problem. When your equipment comes to Automated Drive Systems we will provide a fault analysis which will identify the key component or root cause of the failure. This will insure that when the equipment is returned to service any issues with peripheral equipment that may have caused the failure are fixed before the equipment is damaged again. Our repair facilities use the latest technology to troubleshoot and recondition repair units. Our repair service includes an overall life and health check of the equipment to identify components that may fail, so they can be fixed while the equipment is already in the shop and not cause another loss of production. Your equipment will also be completely cleaned before it leaves our shop, this helps it to run cooler and last longer. Our repair technicians have worked on ABB, Allen-Bradley, AC-Tech, Danfoss, GE, Square D, Cutler-Hammer, Toshiba, Robicon, Baldor, Weg, Rich Electric, Electric Regulator, Saftronics, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Fincor and many others.

Why Repair Instead of Buy New?

New units can cost more money, time to replace existing controller, training on new drive. Repairs can cost 50-85% less then new units. On sophisticated systems, it would cost more to have the design re-engineered and to purchase a new drive then having the existing unit repaired.

Our Process

When we receive a drive, we start with testing the major components, circuit boards, IGBTs, SCRs, Diodes, etc. Next we provide a total fault analysis and recommendations within 48hours of receiving the drive at no out of pocket expense to you. If the best option is to repair the drive then our highly trained technicians repair and test the drive thoroughly; returning the unit to you as soon as possible.

Typical Turnaround

Our typical turnaround is between 7-15 business days. We also offer rush repair services which has a typical turnaround of 2-6 business days.


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