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Reliable power is an important requirement to increase your facilities up-time and avoid costly downtime or troublesome nuisance shut-downs, trips and other electronic system malfunctions. Automated Drive Systems has the technical experience and state of the art equipment to help solve your power quality issues.

Whether you need a full scale power quality survey for an entire plant or just a branch circuit or specific piece of equipment we can help. Having computer systems malfunctions or crashes, motors that are overheating, contactor damage or nuisance tripping of your VFD controls? These can all be attributed to power disturbances most of which can be mitigated.

With the increasing demand and use of VFD controls many customers do not realize the potentially damaging affect the additional electronic load can have on their power system. Fortunately there are several ways to mitigate these affects and insure a reliable and robust installation. Many bid and spec projects now include field testing for IEEE-519-1992 compliance of harmonics that includes testing at a variety of loading conditions. We are uniquely suited to assist in these tests due to our in depth knowledge of VFD controls as well as harmonic analysis and mitigation techniques. In the event your installation does not conform we can work with you to design and supply an appropriate mitigation system.

Automated Drive Systems also provides energy use studies and can work with your energy efficiency team to benchmark systems and equipment. In addition to performing the metering we can also help you investigate and implement many types of energy reduction technologies. We provide measurement and verification metering for energy projects for customers in Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado and South Dakota. Our M&V services provide you with the data you need to verify energy savings as well as comply with many custom rebate incentive and grant requirements.

Automated Drive Systems provides Power Quality and Energy Metering Service to a wide variety of Industrial, Commercial, Municipal, Medical, and Utility customers. Using state of the art Fluke and Dranetz-BMI metering equipment we have the tools to help. Capable of measurements from 1 to 6,000 Amperes and up to 600 Volts RMS of both AC and DC circuits you can be assured that your testing needs are within our range. Medium Voltage measurements are capable where equipment or switchgear provide Potential and Current Transformers that are isolated from the high voltage line.

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