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Offering full service installation from physical installation, electrical wiring, through one of our electrical partners, to on-site commissioning and system verification we can ensure your system is up an running in the shortest time possible.

Our installation personnel have decades of combined experience in the installation, programming, tuning and commissioning of variable frequency drives, soft-starters, dc drive systems and integrated PLC, HMI, and computer monitoring systems. Regardless of the age or source of your equipment, our technicians know how to insure that your installation meets its design objectives. Our personnel have attended factory training in many of the major brands of controls and can insure that your needs are met. Each installation is meticulously documented to insure that the system can be replicated or re-programmed at any time in the future.

Our commissioning service for variable frequency drive insures that your new equipment is performing at the highest performance possible. Our service includes parameter verification, verification and tuning of all control signals and control loops as well as tuning the drive to the motor. This tuning goes beyond the auto-tune function available in most drives and includes verification of acceleration and deceleration parameters that meet the demands of the system as well as achieve the highest performance safe for the motor. All voltage, current and power levels are verified and the drive is monitored and thoroughly tested to verify all operating conditions.

For Yaskawa products our installation and commissioning service will double your factory warranty at no additional charge.

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