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Automated Drive Systems has a complete field service offering. Whether your system is brand new or decades old our technicians have the experience required to minimize costly downtime, helping to maximize your profits. Our technicians have worked in applications from common water pumping and fan applications to highly specialized crane and hoist, production machinery, and critical system environments. Our knowledge of controls products, as well as a variety of applications and machinery knowledge allow us to find the root cause of failures and problems and allows us to avoid costly mistakes due to a lack of whole system proficiency. If you have equipment headaches make us your first call.

We provide field service for all types of AC and DC control equipment including variable frequency drives, soft starts, contactor systems, PLC's, generators, UPS systems, vacuum delivery systems, relay logic machinery and large sequenced web and drawing applications. If you have a field service need that is not listed there is a good chance that we can help or know someone else that can contact us at 402-858-5560.

As standard for regular service, typically a technician can be dispatched within 36 hours. We also offer 24/7 emergency support 365 days per year to meet your needs and get your critical equipment running.


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