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AC & DC Drive Maintenance is one of the most frequently overlooked maintenance items that can save you thousands of dollars in downtime, repair costs and headaches. Performing routine maintenance can extend equipment service life, spot potential failures as well as ensure that your equipment is properly setup, tuned and calibrated providing the level of performance you paid for.

Automated Drive Systems offers an annual and semi-annual maintenance package that is available for all brands and types of AC and DC Drives. Broken down into Service A and Service B you gain flexibility to select the level of service that best fits your needs. Service A is a comprehensive inspection and cleaning of the drive equipment. This service also includes verifying all wiring connections are tight, circuit boards, capacitors, main power circuits, transformers, and other internal components are clean, free from defect or signs of wear. All control wiring and feedback devices are verified for proper operation and expected performance. During Service A, units, enclosures and external devices are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for damage. With power applied to the unit, metering can be performed to check voltage and current levels as well as to verify the input and output waveforms.

Service B is an abbreviated service that includes a complete cleaning and inspection of the drive units, enclosure and external devices. During this service all terminal and mains connections are verified, and inspected for abnormal wear or heat. The units are also visually inspected for hot spots, abnormal wear, discoloration and other signs of potential issues.

Service A is recommended at a 12 month interval, in line with most manufacturers maintenance schedules. The Service B is recommended at a 12 month interval 6 months offset from the Service A. For many customers, Service B can be performed in house without the need for special metering equipment or highly skilled technicians. For customers with sufficient personnel availability who wish to perform the Service B in house, we offer complimentary training that is performed and reviewed during the annual Service A inspections. Performance of these maintenance services help ensure that your drive equipment has the longest service life possible. In many cases this service can predict failures of diode bridges, transistor modules, capacitors, and SCR’s; allowing for only the weak component to be replaced. An example of the potential savings can be spotting a weak transistor module before a short, like the one at left. When the modules break down and are spotted the drives can be repaired, however

if run to failure, like this example, the drive required complete replacement due to circuit board, dc link and transistor damage at a cost of over $3,500.00 plus downtime.

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