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Automated Drive Systems can work with you to turn your ideas into solutions no matter what stage of the design process you are currently in. We can assist customers who have an identified need or just an idea develop function specifications, wiring and process diagrams, panel layouts, programming outlines as well as a working specification and minimum requirements. This approach ensures that your objectives are met with the final design as we work with you throughout the project. For customers who already have a functional specification and are looking for assistance taking their project to the next level our technicians will work with you verify your specification and work with you to project completion.

Our design team can also assist with designing demand management, time-of-use, and energy monitoring systems from a machine or equipment level to plant and multi-plant systems. Whether your system requires monitoring or control of a single piece of equipment or an entire plant our personnel can tackle the job with ease.

Our design service is offered as a stand alone service or as part of a complete control package or retrofit allowing your project to be completed in a timely manner and helping to stay on budget.

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