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Automated Drive Systems provides consulting services on all types and brands of equipment. We offer several solutions for clients who desire a specific brand of equipment but are looking for help to get the most out of it.

With decades of experience our personnel can assist you with all phases of a project. We can assist in project feasibility and specification, analysing the impacts of potential changes to a single system or plan wide. Our goal is to help our customers make decisions using all available information and assist them with assembling a system that matches all their needs. This dedication goes beyond product sales and our direct services, if we know of a company that would be a better fit for your project we will provide you with that information and continue to help you through implementation.

We offer consulting on building expansion, equipment expansion, new control or automation systems impact studies, energy efficiency, grand and loan programs, and other programs to help you increase the value of your next project and ensure that it meets all requirements with the minimum capital outlay

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